Angel Coaches

Angel Coaches

 Our goal is to help you create more positive energy and remove any blocks that may be creating resistance, have a clearer understanding of your life's journey and provide you with the tools to create your highest prosperity!  A psychic AngelCoaching reading with us will empower you and help you to manifest the hopes and dreams for your life!

About Terryee AbbottTerryee Abbott

Terryee is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and a medium who realized her gifts since she was a small child.  She honed her talents to help build two successful businesses and several non-profit organizations.

Terryee has helped hundreds of people make positive choices for their businesses and in their personal lives.  Her clientele includes celebrities, CEOs of major companies, investors and politicians.She is a recognized dream interpreter and remote viewer.  She works with archangels and ascended masters to help clients navigate their relationships, life choices and financial prosperity. She believes in the Law of Attraction and focusing on our point of creation and it is her goal to help people achieve their most positive future and their highest prosperity.








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